Looking Back at Tomorrow Episodes

Grab your hoverboards and give your robot butlers a break! On Looking Back at Tomorrow, hosts Ryan and Zachary examine how humanity’s predictions for the future have changed over the years. Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Stitcher.


The Rocketbelt Murder

Possibly the most wild Jetpack story ever told, with a little jetpack history sprinkled in.


Hosts Ryan and Zachary explore the history and meaning behind the word "Afrofuturism." WITH SPECIAL GUESTS Robert Hawkins (NYU Silver School of Social Work, And Stephen Winter and Tristan Cowen (Nightvale Presents Adventures in New America).


The Satire of Fallout

Vault Dwellers Ryan and Zachary discuss the game series Fallout and explore its specific brand of 1950's Satire. 

CONTENT WARNING: There is a brief discussion of mass shootings and Gun Violence. The discussion starts at 17:50 and ends around 19:00

Monorails & PRT

It’s a world on the move! Ryan and Zachary discuss the Los Angeles monorails that never were and the *almost* revolutionary mode of public transportation known as PRT. Disneydocs.net founder Ted Linhart shares incredible documents on the monorail proposals, and Executive VP at The Project for Public Spaces, Gary Toth, lends his expertise on the connection between transportation and healthy cities.

Closer Than We Think

Before the Jetsons, there was Arthur Radebaugh. Hosts Ryan and Zachary are joined by filmmaker Brett Ryan Bonowicz to discuss his new documentary, “Closer than we think,” about the life and work of the influential 20th century artist.


Just in time for the premiere of Disenchantment, hosts Ryan and Zachary do a deep dive into the animated cult favorite, Futurama. In the episode they discuss the show's retro-futuristic inspirations, its bad luck with cancellations, and the intergalactic basketball team, the Harlem Globetrotters.


After a long hiatus, Looking Back at Tomorrow is BACK! In this episode, hosts Ryan and Zachary explore origins of the term “Retrofuturism”, which leads them down a rabbit hole of fake books, internet sleuthing and obscure Australian islands.

We have a new home!

It has certainly been a while! But Looking Back is...well...back. Subscribe to the new Whale Bus show, Story Blocks wherever you get your podcast from!


Time Capsules: Part 2

We built a time capsule! Ryan and Zachary look to the famous voyager probes for inspiration in designing a window to the future of their own.

Time Capsules: Part 1

In part 1, Ryan and Zachary sit down with a special guest to discuss the first millennial time capsule, and the role Time capsules play in shaping culture.   

Time Travel

In this episode, Ryan and Zachary explore the weird world of time travelers. 


BONUS: Bruce Bethke Interview

Ryan and Zachary talk with Cyberpunk writer Bruce Bethke about Sci-FI, the business of fiction writing, and Will Smith's 1999 classic film Wild Wild West. 


Tomorrow's Energy

Did Nikola Tesla almost create proto-Internet? Harness the power of the universe in your computer or phone to listen to this episode about energy futures!

Tomorrow's Agriculture

hosts Ryan and Zachary harvest past ideas about the future of agriculture.


Tomorrow's Music Part 3: The Moog Synthesizer

Continuing their ongoing discussions about the influence of music on the public’s perception of the future, hosts Ryan and Zachary dive into the history and significance of the famous Moog Synthesizer.

Tomorrow's cities

Pack your bags: we're heading to the big city! On this episode, Ryan and Zachary road trip to the cities of the future!


Tomorrow's Fashion

Hey there, fancy pants! On this week’s episode, Ryan and Zachary are dressed to the nines to talk about the fashion of futures gone by. Well la-di-da!

Tomorrow's Vacations

You deserve a vacation! Pack your bags and head to some of the most unique, far out destinations in the universe, as we explore the vacations of yesteryear!


Tomorrow's Food

Chow down on a hearty Thanksgiving episode about the futures of food that never were!


The Twilight Zone

Ryan and Zachary discuss the classic television series "The Twilight Zone" and its various attempts to predict the future!

Jules Verne & Walt Disney

An author and a film mogul. Both prolific storytellers. In this episode, Ryan and Zachary discuss the forward-looking ideas of Jules Verne Disney.


EPCOT Center

The 21st Century began on October 1st, 1982. In this episode, Ryan, Zachary, and special guest Joshua L. Harris provide an overview of the history and impact of EPCOT Center!

Virtual Reality

Take a trip to cyberspace as hosts Ryan and Zachary, and their more qualified guests, explore the history and future of virtual reality.

Tomorrow's Healthcare 

In this episode, hosts Ryan and Zachary look at some of the many predictions for the future of healthcare. Just what the doctor ordered!



Extra! Extra! Read all about it! In this very special bonus episode, hosts Ryan and Zachary present clips cut from their conversation with Bill Cotter from Episode 12, "Portals to Tomorrow: World's Fairs"!

Sci-fi Movies

Lights, camera, action! Ryan and Zachary discuss the important role science fiction films play in shaping our visions of the future.

Tomorrow's Music Part 2: Space Age Pop

Hubba Bubba! On their second music-themed episode, Ryan and Zachary explore the chic musical style known as Space Age Pop. It’s a baby boomer’s delight!

Tomorrow's Sports

In this fourth episode, hosts Ryan and Zachary talk about the future of sports that never came to be! Go team!


Tales from outer space

Going up? On this installment, Ryan and Zachary discuss numerous attempts to build a space elevator. It's not as outlandish as you'd think!


Hack the planet! In this episode, Ryan and Zachary discuss all things Cyberpunk.


Tomorrow's Communication

Calling all listeners! Join Ryan and Zachary as they take a look at some of the fascinating predictions made for the future of communication technology. We promise that we're not phoning it in.

Tomorrow's Architecture: Part 1 

Ryan and Zachary are joined by Professor Ara Merjian of NYU to discuss the history and influence of Futurism, Cubism, and Art Deco.

Isaac Asimov & Ray Bradbury

There’s nothing quite like a good book. On this episode, Ryan and Zachary discuss two authors of some of the best: Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury!


World's Fairs

Ryan and Zachary sit down with world’s fair enthusiast Bill Cotter to discuss the history of world’s fairs and the many ways they have impacted our expectations for the future. See you at the fair!


Tomorrow's Robots

Beep boop bop. On today's episode Ryan and Zachary look at some of the many ways robots were predicted to shape the future. Beep.

Tomorrow's Living

Welcome home! Sit back, put your feet up, and cozy up to a tour of the homes of the future!


Tomorrow's Music Part 1: Out of This World

Terrifying! Amazing! Out of this world! Hear how one incredible instrument, the theremin, creates some of the most spine-tingling and futuristic sounds ever heard by man!

Tomorrow's Education

Knowledge is power! Take out your No. 2 pencils and listen to episode No. 2 to learn about schools of the future!

Tomorrow's Transportation

Flying Bicycle mailmen? Zeppelin tank battles? A whale-bus?! In this inaugural episode, hosts Ryan and Zachary discuss transportation systems that could have been.