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It all started when…

For two years, the best part of Ryan and Zachary's week was getting to record their FM radio program, Looking Back at Tomorrow. Drawn to the wildly untapped potential of podcasts, they wondered why more college students weren't taking advantage of this relatively new storytelling medium. 

Enter whale Bus. Its sole mission: create podcasts that are as fun to listen to as they are to make. Whale bus pools together the most talented student storytellers and invites them to create series that experiment with new ways to tell stories through audio. We hope that, inspired by our own enthusiasm, listeners are similarly unable to resist the podcast bug!  

But what about the name?

"Whale Bus" refers to an 1899 illustration by French artist Jean Marc Coté predicting that, in the year 2000, humans would travel via submarines pulled by humpback whales. The drawing is mentioned in the first episode of looking back of tomorrow and alluded to in several later episodes. It has since become for us a playful symbol of creativity, not taking ourselves too seriously, and a little bit of weirdness.  

See the original excerpt below.