Ryan Dorsey

Ryan Dorsey is one of the hosts of Looking Back at Tomorrow and also a co-founder of Whale Bus. In between listening to ungodly amounts of podcasts, Ryan enjoys increasingly obscure Simpsons quotes and reading bad 90's sci fi books.



Zachary Goldberg

As the other half of Looking Back at Tomorrow and co-founder of Whale Bus, Zachary Goldberg is a self-described Disney history dork, mediocre swing dancer, and 2015 NYU Mini-Golf Champion. He’s basically an 84-year-old man. Like seriously, he only just found out who Cardi B is.


Elyse Morales 

Elyse Morales is the producer of Story Blocks! In her free time she enjoys playing video games, rereading Lord of the Rings, and talking about how much better Philly is than any city in the world.


Emma Mantoani 

Emma is a lover of reading, writing, working with children, and ghosts. Somewhat related, she also believes she was meant to be an English schoolteacher at a haunted orphanage during World War 2.