A radio drama about family, poetry, and a rather menacing van in the desert.


Created by Em Mantoani

Engineering by Rye Dorsey

Sound Design by Cristian Ayala

Music by Black Cube Angel

Cast: Cola- Leslie Gideon, Nova- Dina Laura, Junebug- Julia Rose Herman, Scotch- Jeff Ebner, Audre- Elliot FRances Flynn, Rosaline- Em Mantoani, Danny- GRaham Rowat, Solomon- Vinny Ali

Season two Introducing: Simon DeLuca- Brandon Richards, Charlotte RAmsey- Jordan Cobb, Saskia- Lucille VAlentine

Season 1

Episode 1: The Rabbit CAtcher

Cola and the other kids in the van perform a job at a gas station. Everyone is looking for Rosaline, but where is she and who is going to find her first?


Episode 4: January

Nova is close to finding Rosaline so the kids have to figure out a way to get to her first.


Episode 7: Rose Red

Everyone arrives in San Francisco and a new player is introduced.

Episode 2: If I Was a Superhero

Nova drags Cola along to pick up another kid for the van while Junebug and Scotch try to keep busy.


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Episode 5: Dusting

The kids struggle to figure out what to do next, while Nova, Junebug, and Solomon are hot on their tail. And a new lovely voice makes an appearance.


Episode 8: Archipelagic

We wrap up the season by following the kids as they try to find Cola, Cola as she tries to figure out who to trust, and Junebug as she discovers maybe trusting anyone in the first place was a bad idea.

Episode 3: They Shut Me Up In Prose

When the van gets stopped on the side of the road, a mysterious stranger offers to help.


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Episode 6: Beautiful Dreamer Serenade

The crew at the cabin set out on the road again and Junebug tries to figure out who's on her side.